Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Antidote to Loneliness and Making Friends

Has your life been turned upside down and you find yourself lonely and needing to make new friendships? 

It happens to the best of us in our life now and then.  Moving to a new place, a new job, or even a new life after some chaos can be challenging.

Most of us keep ourselves busy with many logistical adjustments, trying to forget the circumstances that created our life change.   We get caught up in the settling process and forget to make some time to connect to others.  

After the settling process is finished, we stand there alone, left to the timing of the clock, clicking away our new routine.  It dawns on us that we need new friendships and connections to make our new life more meaningful with some purpose.

The world has changed so much and getting people's attention to connect with them can be difficult when you find them connected on their phones 24/7.

Loneliness easily sets in and staying there takes you into a loneliness spiral.

Lori from Tiny Buddha made this wonderful short film illustrating this. Watch her short film above and receive the hope that life changes get better with some time and perseverance.

So how do you navigate your way out of this place, when every connection attempt you make seems futile?  Here are some steps to help you.

1. Sit with the lonely feelings and feel where they are in your body.  Observe them as a physical sensation.  With a bit of time, the lonely feelings will pass through you.  More importantly, this first step makes an important connection for you, which is the next step.

2. You now make a connection and a friendship with that spark of light within you.  Even if it is pretend, go with it.  Give them a name if that helps.  Each of us has a Highest Self living inside us, waiting to help anytime and anywhere, if we would just connect with them.  Ask them for help.

3. Now, catch any thoughts that go with the loneliness.  Many times the chaos that changed our life, brings up thoughts that we used to make some sense of the chaos.  Any thoughts that say you are less than, not enough or don't deserve are lies your ego mind tells you.  Go to a mirror and tell your ego mind that you know these thoughts are lies and make a conscious choice not to believe them anymore.

4. Wait for some inspiration to come.  Within 72 hours, some ideas will come forward in your mind as to some action to take.  You might just find someone disconnecting from their phone long enough for you to make a connection.  Or maybe something will happen in your life that starts a connecting process.

This may take a few attempts to move out of the lonely hole into a positive world again.  Stick with it and be consistent with giving yourself positive self talk.

Want to feel better whenever loneliness sets in. Try this short video meditation to lift you up.
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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Let's Create World Kindness

Bring yourself to a peaceful place watching this lovely video in nature.

Be still and find that quiet place inside you. Now you are connected to Divine Creation.

Be kind to you by knowing that you have a spark of the light of Divine Creation living inside you.  Allow your thoughts to be nice and kind ones about you.  Whenever a life experience happens, give it a kind meaning of how much Divine Creation loves you.  Divine Creation gives you contrast to know your light desires and to expand.

Expand more by knowing that you are completely supported by Divine Creation.  Trust that life unfolds with a perfection that you may not understand in the moment, yet is there for the highest and best for all.   You can at least know what you prefer in life experience.  You can receive that as a gift and expand with receiving it.

Practice this kindness and send blessings to those who you encounter in life.  People behave in the level of consciousness that they are aware of.  Send them blessings to expand their consciousness.

Associate with those who’s level of consciousness expresses kindness to you and others.  Send blessings to those who need to expand their consciousness to be kinder.  You do not have to countenance their actions that reflect harm to others.

This kindness will bring a lasting peace within you.  You still give value about what life experiences are good, right and true.  This value raises you to take inspired actions that are good, right and true.  That is a kind way to be.

Your peace will bring more peace into your world and you have created a new moment of a new world that is full of kindness and peace.

With Love and Light.

Let’s Create World Kindness

Bring Some Kindness to the World

Start by Being Kind to You

Now Share That Kindness with Others

Find the Peace that Being Kind Brings

The World Is Now Kinder Because of You

The World Is More Peaceful Because of You

Now Celebrate a New You and a New World Because of You

With Love and Light from Susan at Miracle Grids

Video and Production        Susan Suehr
Music  Capoproductions               Pond5
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Friday, November 11, 2016

There is Always Light

Watch this lovely video meditation showing the moon move across the sky.  Listen to the music with your best ear listening devices to receive the benefits of the theta wave music and binaural beats.

Follow the guided messages to allow yourself to let more light into your life more every day.  Let your next new moment have more light.

The Moon light reminds you that there is always light present for you, even in the dark.

You see that light shine ever so brightly in your sky unless the clouds of falsehoods block your view.  It is still there, even if you do not see.  You trust that it will show up when those clouds pass.

Divine Creation uses the presence of moonlight to show you that they are always present for you, even if you do not see them.  They have built a trust that they will never leave you by having the moon shine ever so brightly in your night sky.

Divine Creation anchors that trust by showing the moon again as the clouds of falsehoods pass.

Believing that darkness is only present and more powerful is a falsehood.  The light is more powerful than a clouded dark because it is always present and gets exposed when you throw off those clouds of falsehoods.

You need to see dark to understand with contrast the truth of your light.  Notice the purity of dark and light with it contrasts.  Only clouds of falsehoods block the view of the full truth that contrast shows you.

Truth is a never ending revelation of Divine Creation.  It is always changing with expansion of new understandings.  Allow the dark to show you your light.  Let the beauty of the moon’s movements show you the truth of dark and light.

Now become new with each new moment. Use the stillness of the moment to help you touch the deep truth of Divine Creation living inside you.

With Love and Light.
Susan, Meditation Master

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Own the Night and Stop the Fear

Have you noticed that the world is becoming filled with fear?  Now only are there so many people using violence to be heard or to try to control the world, but marketers are using fear to sell us goods and services.  It is time to have a peaceful life, to own the night and stop the fear.

So how do we stop the fear when others are the ones creating it?  We do that by not giving our power away to the fear they create.  If we allow the fear to take hold of us and dominate out thoughts, we have given away our power to create our lives to the fear makers and mongers.

It can be challenging to stop thethoughts of fear when we are blasted with it day in and day out.  Think for a minute about the timing of fear thoughts.  Unless you are in immediate danger of harm, all fear thoughts are thoughts about the future.  They have not happened yet.

Just like past thoughts, future thoughts do not exist now.  Putting yourself in a state of being with a future thought increases the probability of having that future manifest in your life.  Fear is a powerful emotion, which is why marketers use it to sell.  So when you allow future fear thoughts to dominate your mind, the emotional impact of the fear increases its likelihood of manifesting.

So how do you stop the fear jabber going on in your mind?  You do it by focusing on present moments.  That is done easily by giving your mind a little self talking to about what is going on in the present time.  Right now in this moment are you safe?  Are you secure?  Tell yourself the truth about your present situation.  Now feel what the truth feels like in this moment.

Your mind may wander back to the future thoughts and feelings.  Just make them conscious.  Then get back to the present moment.  Be persistent about this.  The conditioned mind doesn’t want to give up control.  They use all the tricks in the book to get you to go back to consciousness sleepy time. As long as you keep your thoughts and feelings conscious, you are in control.

Remember the truth of the present moment is the more real of who you are in the moment.  If you have to, tell your conditioned mind that you are taking charge now.  With reasonable practice, the fear thoughts will abate.

You have taken a powerful step of claiming your power, owning the night and stopping the fear.  If more of us do this, our world will become less and less scary.  We will not need others violence to remind us to keep our power.  More importantly, you will find inner peace and there will be more peace in the world.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Feel Better When Life Delivers You Uncomfortable Juju

Watch with Your Best Earphones for the best experience

  When we experience uncomfortable feelings because of life’s experience, our knee jerk reaction is to try to send them away as quickly as possible.  Uncomfortable feelings are a Divine knock on our door to expand more than where we have been.

It serves us better to accept the feelings that we experience with life and use them to accept ourselves.
Additionally, we have beliefs in our subconscious mind that can get in the way of expanding ourselves with uncomfortable emotions.  To be able to expand during these times, we need affirmations that are believable to us.

One way to give ourselves expanding messages is to use questioning affirmations.  Another way is to use positive affirmations that describe us moving to a better than before place. For example, we can say in any situation, even though I experience…, I still completely and fully…more and more every day.

The video has these kind of messages that when repeated slowly and relaxing yourself, can support you in accepting yourself when uncomfortable feelings arise within you.  If you listen with your best earphones, you can reach a deep meditative state that opens you to new neuropath ways with these beautiful messages you tell yourself.

This provides you a pathway of self acceptance and practicing being in the Now moment, which is referred to as mindfulness.

Take in a Slow Deep Breath
Let It Out Slowly

Say This to Yourself Slowly

Even Though I Experience
Uncomfortable Feelings
I Still Completely and Fully
Relax Into These Feelings More & More Every Day

Even Though I Experience
Uncomfortable Feelings
I Still Completely and Fully
Accept Myself More & More Every Day

Even Though I Experience
Uncomfortable Feelings
I Still Completely and Fully
Love Myself More & More Every Day

Even Though I Experience
Uncomfortable Feelings
I Still Completely and Fully
Open to and Expand More & More Every Day

Even Though I Experience
Uncomfortable Feelings
I Still Completely and Fully
Open to and Receive Divine Love More & More Every Day

Even Though I Experience
Uncomfortable Feelings
I Still Completely and Fully
Accept and Receive Healing More & More Every Day

Have a Blessed Day

With Love and Light Susan

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Unhook from the Past

Have you ever thought about what the past does to you?  The past was meant for reflecting on so as to learn about the consequences of your choices and actions.  Many have been taught to use the past for judgments.

Judgments take you away from receiving the unconditional love the Divine has for you.  The Divine never judges or puts conditions for you to live your life fully.  They prefer you to come to know your true nature.

They desire that you come to know the connectedness with everyone and everything.  It is through the separateness that you can learn and understand the connectedness of everything, the paradox of connectedness.

When you can let go of all the judgments that say no to living a peaceful and joyful life, you open to the unconditional love always available for you.  So let go of those past thoughts that put conditions on having a peaceful and joyful life.

Feel inside you as you become quiet within. This starts the process of becoming one with your true nature. It is only through becoming one with you that you can become one with others.  Having peace within is the only way to find peace with others as well.

Dwelling on past regrets separates you from your own oneness.  As you touch that quiet place within, notice those past thoughts are not a part of you.  Unhook from the past by not identifying with those judging thoughts.  You are much more than a thought.  You are beautiful light energy.

There is no time in the past for it does not exist now.  It is past time.  So why give it your present time?  Let your present time thoughts to be lighter, the light of you.  Lighter thoughts are ones that know your current safety, security, value and worth in this Now moment.

When you lighten up and unhook from the past, you are more real.  You now can express the gifts of your unique talents for the world to benefit from.

Claim your birthright of unconditional love by being the gift you are by being present in this moment.  Then notice how your life unfolds with more peace and joy.

Unhook From Past
Take a moment now and Be still.
Watch and open to the stillness within you.
Let Go of the Emotions of the Past
You Matter to the Divine
Your Life is Important
You Are a Beautiful Being of Light
Be Blessed with Divine Love
It is Your Birthright

Be At Peace, Find that Inner Calm

Meditate Like a Tibetan Monk
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